How to choose the right snuffle mat for dogs?

How to choose the right snuffle mat for dogs?

How to choose the right Snuffle mat for dogs? | Bodraum

Choosing to play through simple toys for your dog can potentially be unsafe and harmful. Sometimes low-quality toys last only a few minutes. In some cases, cheap toys or unknown companies use substances below the level that can poison your dog. To avoid this mistake, we introduced a way to replace it and organized the reasons and characteristics of choosing a snuffle mat.


1. Size

The size of the snuffle mat varies greatly. Often, as their size increases, their thickness and weight also increase. There are 6" x 6" snuffle mats to 39" x 39" large mats. These are the most common sizes, but other types can be found. In addition, the snuffle mat comes in circles, rectangles, and other shapes.

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2. Fabric

Fleece is the main material used in snuffle mats. It is sewn together to create a lively snuffle activity mat. In addition, the wool used to make this mat varies in thickness and color. The wool used should be non-toxic and safe for dogs. In addition, many brands strive more to be environmentally sustainable – they use upcycled and eco-friendly materials.

These mats, especially large snuffles, need non-slip material on the bottom surface so that the dog does not move while searching for food. That's why you sew anti-slip materials under the mat. These are important factors to consider when choosing a snuffle mat.

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3. Various designs

Like many other interactive toys, snuffle mats come in various difficulties. Some dogs are essentially clever like retrievers. However, all dogs can be trained to have more and more difficulty solving puzzle toys.

If you're buying a snuffle mat for the first time, we recommend you start with a simple design. Too complex a snuffle mat will frustrate your dog and prevent you from smelling snacks.

As a result, your dog will get bored quickly and may start showing problematic behavior. Similarly, if your dog is really smart, if they are too far away, it will move quickly through the rim.

Don't let your dog get bored with just throwing balls or a few simple toys. The snuffle mat will help your dog feel more interested and have a pleasant life.

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