Why is nose work important?

Why is nose work important?

Why is nose work important?  | Bodraum

Everyone knows how important smell is to animals, and in dogs, the nerves that control smell in the brain are more than 20 times that of humans! So they can detect diseases only by the smell of hormones, and they can detect fear only by the smell of adrenaline and pheromones.

However, pets living indoors do not have to use their sense of smell, so they do not meet their instincts, so stress builds up and brain activity slows down.

If you leave your house for a long time, you bark severely, bite things, and cause stress!

Pet behavior experts say, "Because the indoor environment in which we live causes stress because it does not satisfy the instincts of animals, stress management is effective in solving problem behaviors."

It is said that it is good to take a walk four to five times a day, but it is not easy to manage guardians living in apartments or working.

So we thought we needed a product that helps with olfactory training and stress indoors. That's how the product was created! The Bodraum Snuffle Mat!


1. What effect does nose walk have? 

There are so many good things about nose walk! It's a must-have game for pets living indoors.

Snuffle Mat is a smart ride that helps pets' nosework and relieves stress!

Bodraum Snuffle Mat

2. The importance of a snuffle mat.

The Bodraum Snuffle Mat is thoroughly designed to focus on the sense of use of pets.

1) Various designs

When I went out for a walk, I made it by looking at a puppy that rummaged and smelled whenever I saw the grass! Snuffle mat that helps not only smell, bite, but also brain and physical activities by smelling and biting as much as you want!

If you hide snacks in close liquor like grass, it's fun as if you're back to nature!

2) Strong durability with meticulous finish!

Powerful durability that can be used for a long time even if a puppy bites with sharp teeth! Even dogs who like to bite, and large dogs can use it for a long time!

3) It's the effect of increasing the meal time by up to twice!

The key to Snuffle Mat is how often and how long you use it! The more often you use it and the longer it takes to find snacks, the higher the effectiveness of nosework!

In a survey of customers, customers who have used the Bodraum Snuffle Mat answered that it has the effect of increasing the average meal time by 1.5 times and up to 2 times a week on average.

4) Quality recognized by Amazon in the U.S.

The Bodraum Snuffle Mat entered Amazon first. Our Bodraum products continue to grow.

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