We Are Bodraum

Bodraum, meaning 'softness' in Korean, symbolizes our commitment to blending customer input, team unity, and strong partnerships. We prioritize Sustainability, Smart, and Success strategies for success, known as our 3S Strategies.

Our CSR Mission

At the heart of our business lies a commitment to social impact. We allocate a portion of our sales to building schools in developing nations. Our CEO's ethos prioritizes ESG goals and CSR missions, inspiring this initiative. Collaborating with INGOs(Global Vision), we fund school construction projects.

Our Experts

Enhanced ESG Strategies

We have extensive experience implementing ESG reporting and road maps, and advising clients on sustainability solutions. We spearheaded complex ESG initiatives with various departments and leaderships, and advanced long-term objectives by ESG reporting metrics for my company and clients on GHG foot-printing and decarbonization strategy development.

ESG Reporting and Disclosure

We managed 400 projects valued at $60M, spanning the Corporate Sustainability field. We led the entire project lifecycle and delivered the annual ESG report. in this process, Our assessments, such as the carbon footprint analysis, were based on various global frameworks and standards like GRI, SASB, and CDP, closely related to various evaluation criteria addressing environmental, economic, and social aspects.

Sustainable Supply Chain

Our dedication involves implementing ESG principles throughout the sustainable supply chain and incorporating eco-friendly design, manufacturing, and transportation practices to minimize carbon emissions across all partners. Also, We provide tailored sustainability strategic advisories for vendors, staff, and partners.

2023 ESG Report (KOR)

Bodraum 2023 ESG Report SASB
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