Social Entrepreneurship

We collaborate with aspiring social entrepreneurs, guiding them to turn their innovative ideas into profitable online businesses. Our goal is to help them showcase their talents and skills in the online marketplace, turning their passions into income streams. Many young entrepreneurs face challenges in marketing their ideas effectively, and we provide comprehensive solutions to address this hurdle.

How We Approach

Identify Common Goals

Discuss the objectives of the collaboration with the artist to ensure alignment with your brand and business objectives.

Communicate Openly

Maintain clear and open communication channels throughout the collaboration process. Share your vision and expectations while also being receptive to the artist's ideas and input.

Brainstorm Ideas

Work together to generate innovative ideas that resonate with your target audience and differentiate your brand in the marketplace.

Leverage Unique Skills

Capitalize on the artist's unique skills and expertise to develop compelling visual content, such as product designs, illustrations, or promotional materials.

Feedback Loop

Establish a feedback loop to review and refine the artwork, ensuring it meets both aesthetic standards and functional requirements for the online marketplace.

Promote Collaboration

Showcase the collaborative process and the artist's work on your online platforms to engage customers and build brand authenticity.

Our Social Entrepreneurs


Despite her talent in photography and art, she faced challenges in monetizing her work. Unsure of its market value, she sought ways to enhance her visibility. We provide advanced advice how to expand her brand, online presence building, and social media utilization, she emerged as a renowned online artist. This shift enabled her to profit from her creations through sales and photo album offerings.


She's a designer crafting traditional Korean hanbok in Korea, aiming to showcase her heritage abroad. With guidance on entering online markets and enhancing her brand image, she's expanded to designing hanboks for pet. This shift has garnered renewed attention for her distinctive creations.