Our Experience

We jumped into the online market with unique product ideas and concepts, and the response was immediate. As a U.S. brand, we sell these snuffle mat for dogs through social media like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and our website, along with platforms like eBay and Etsy. Our snuffle mat for dogs, with customizable designs, sold out fast—1,200 units in just three months! And Now, We're scaling up to eight designs and adding dog clothing that reflects our brand ethos.

Our Products

Before our product launch, the snuffle mat we designed was unprecedented. We noticed limitations with single-product snuffle mats and believed assembling diverse designs would resonate with consumers. Our customizable mats, tailored to dogs' sizes and preferences, garnered significant attention in the online market, selling out quickly upon restocking.





Expertise Grounded in Practical Know-How

Drawing from practical experience, we offer tailored advice and consulting to businesses of all sizes. With firsthand knowledge gained from running our own ventures, we guide individuals and organizations, regardless of their familiarity with the online marketplace, on effective strategies for success.

Six Points for the GTM Strategy

Market Analysis

We assess the market landscape to understand customer needs and competitor offerings.

Product Positioning

We identify the unique value proposition of our products/services and how they meet customer demands.

Target Audience

We define our ideal customer profile to focus our marketing efforts effectively.

Channel Selection

We choose the most suitable channels (e.g., social media, e-commerce platforms) to reach our target audience.

Marketing Campaign

We design and execute a tailored marketing campaign to create awareness and generate interest.

Feedback Loop

We actively seek feedback from customers to refine our strategy and improve customer satisfaction.