Olivia, CEO

  • CEO and Co-Founder
  • Business Operations Specialist
  • Handle the operation and management of three brands both online and offline
  • CEO@bodraum.com

Jungsik Kim, Director

  • Co-founder and Director of ESG
  • Deliver ESG Reporting, integrating ESG principles into business strategies and operations
  • Manage ESG, Corporate Sustainability CSR, and Social Impact projects worth $60 million
  • Provide advanced consulting to diverse stakeholders, including public and private companies
  • Jskim@bodraum.com

Team Members

Kay, Senior Manager

  • Brand Marketing and Strategy Manager 
  • Manage and Operate social media accounts
  • Develop and Implement advertising plans on Google Analytics and SEO optimizaing
  • Kai@bodraum.com

Jacob, Manager

  • Creative Contents Manager 
  • Create ads and promotional content
  • Offer suggestions and concepts for social media posts
  • Jacob@bodraum.com

Mikey, Manager

  • Advertise Manager
  • Specialize in social media ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Etsy
  • Achieved a 1,250% increase in website traffic and sold out 1,200 products within three months for Bodraum
  • Mikey@bodraum.com

Sabbir, Specialist

  • SEO and Description Specialist
  • SEO and keyword optimization specialist with a focus on online markets
  • Supply and generate Google-friendly keywords for various online markets, boosting homepage traffic by over 48%(Annual)
  • Sabbir@bodraum.com

Sabrina, Designer

  • Professional Graphic Designer
  • Design a look that aligns with the company's image
  • Create a total of 800 pieces of work in 7 years
  • Sab@bodraum.com

Virender, Designer

  • Website Designer
  • Develop web pages for different platforms like our website, Amazon stores, and Etsy
  • Created and Designed a total of 240 web pages in the past 12 years
  • Virendar@bodraum.com

Vendors and Partners

Shanghai Fantastic Pet Product

As a partner company, we explore sustainable approaches across product design, material choices, and manufacturing methods to reduce carbon emissions.


In terms of product delivery, we're constantly discussing ways to cut carbon emissions by finding the shortest routes and covering extra fees tied to emissions from China to the United States.