Sustainable Consulting Solutions

For over 12 years, We've focused my career on crafting ESG Reporting(GRI, SASB, TCFD, and SBTi) integrating ESG principles into business strategies and operations, and 400 large-scale projects valued at $60M in the ESG, CSR and Social impact fields.

ESG Roadmap Implementation

We drive sustainable consulting solutions. My dedication involves implementing ESG principles throughout the sustainable supply chain and incorporating eco-friendly design, manufacturing, and transportation practices to minimize carbon emissions across all partners to achieve Net Zero by 2030 targets

Enhanced ESG Strategies

We have extensive experience implementing ESG reporting and road maps, and advising clients on sustainability solutions. We spearheaded complex ESG initiatives with various departments and leaderships, and advanced long-term objectives by ESG reporting metrics for my company and clients on GHG foot-printing and decarbonization strategy development.

Our Expertise

Sustainable Value Chain

We assist organizations in reimagining value chains for business and sustainable impact. Accenture integrates sustainability across the value chain, ensuring trusted, net-zero, and circular outcomes.

Sustainability Strategy

We focus on 360° value creation, emphasizing sustainability as a key growth driver. Our Sustainability Strategy helps clients define ambitions, build business cases, and develop roadmaps for a resilient future.

Net Zero Transitions

We specialize in aiding businesses' transition to net-zero, offering solutions to cut carbon emissions across various sectors. From buildings to transport to energy systems, we drive sustainability with social and economic benefits in mind.

Sustainability Measurement, Analytics and Performance

Businesses face mounting pressure to prioritize sustainability. Accenture equips them with tools and tech to integrate ESG performance into operations, ensuring effective measurement of business value and sustainable impact for stakeholders.

Sustainable Customer Experience and Brand

Consumers value sustainability, yet behavior change is challenging. Accenture uses tech and expertise to turn intentions into actions, crafting sustainable customer experiences that resonate, shift perceptions, and drive brand commitment.

Sustainable Leadership and Organization

Businesses prioritize sustainability for moral and financial reasons. Accenture assists in embedding ESG into all aspects, fostering intelligent, sustainable organizations.

Project Management

We managed 400 projects valued at $60M, spanning the Corporate Sustainability field. We led the entire project lifecycle and delivered the annual ESG report. in this process, Our assessments, such as the carbon footprint analysis, were based on various global frameworks and standards like GRI, SASB, and CDP, closely related to various evaluation criteria addressing environmental, economic, and social aspects.

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Sustainable Supply Value Chain

We offer hands-on guidance, drawing from both expert knowledge and firsthand business experience, to help implement sustainable supply chains. In ESG, this entails evaluating every stage of product creation, from sourcing materials to delivery, with a focus on environmental, social, and governance considerations. For instance, in making stuff, it involves responsibly sourcing materials and ensuring fair treatment of workers during production.